Well here it is, the last day of the year. 2016 flew by didn't it. Had a lot of fine jobs this year. There were many that stood out but one of them is, from a musician's standpoint, more important than the others. That would by the "Music Under the Water Tower" concert series in Donnellson, Ia now in its thirteenth year. This series was created and is still spearheaded by Doug Seyb, a third generation farmer from Donnellson. Always a music lover, Doug created the series in 2003 which is held in the town's American Legion Hall. He has had a string of important national and regional musicians appear for these concerts, all of them of course paid. There is a suggested $10 cover charge at the door but, I'm quite sure that Doug has had to reach into his pocket many times to make up the difference. So, why is Doug's series so important? Well, the regional and local live music business is a slowly sinking art form. Little clubs that featured live music that dotted the map 20 or 30 years have almost all disappeared. Doug's series provides a rare venue for music lovers and musicians. Don & I played there in late October to a very respectful and appreciative audience - another rare thing. So, I'm sure that I speak for the other musicians who have had the good fortune to play there when I extend my heartfelt thanks to Doug and wish him well.

Finally, our address has changed. Our old Rural Route number has changed to an actual address. I kind of assumed that the USPS would continue to forward mail to us at the old address. Not so. Apologies to anyone who has had mail returned to them. Our new address follows. Sally

Sally Weisenburg/Don Berbaum
21510 Sugar Creek Rd
Rushville, Il 62681

"This is a group of seasoned pros who know how to let a song breathe"


- reference to the album "Homemade & Hot" -

"Stranded" - CD "HOMEMADE & HOT"
"Never Felt So Good" - CD "HOMEMADE & HOT"
"Rocket 69" live recording from CD "A NIGHT AT THE CLUB"
"I Lost Control" live recording from CD "A NIGHT AT THE CLUB"
KBON's Paul Marx, myself, and the artwork in its new home in entrance room at KBON in Eunice, LA